Ken Cicerale

Ken CceraleKen Cicerale has become synonymous with “intimate jazz”.  Currently currently performing in various duo, trio and other small group settings. Ken’s repertory features an eclectic mix of music from the American Songbook along with some pop and jazz classics and his own collection of quirky original works.

A former student of legendary saxophonists Gerry Niewood and Frank Foster, Ken has performed for many years as both leader and sideman with various jazz and pop ensembles in the greater New York area. He has also toured with several nationally known artists as well as composing and performing incidental music to the highly acclaimed Off-Broadway set of short plays entitled “Close Enough for Jazz.” Recordings include "Musings", a duo album with guitarist Monroe Quinn and two solo LPs entitled “Soliloquies” and “Abstractions”.

Ken is currently living in southern Delaware and performing with the jazz group “5th Avenue” which has recently released its first album entitled "City Lights." This trio also features Jeff Cooper on acoustic bass and Ken Schleifer on drums. 5th Avenue has performed locally in Delaware as well as NYC and Washington, DC. For more information, please check out the group's website at


What they are saying about Ken:

Ken Cicerale plays Heart!  From the audience, you'd swear he was playing Alto or Clarinet but take it from me, he's playing Heart!  He brings Bird into his Heart and bops those Bebop lines.  He draws from the earliest sounds of the licorice stick and out pours more heart!  And, his original tunes are as joyful as a kid at play!  You've just got to hear him for yourself to experience all this in your own hearts!  --  Janet Lawson,  GRAMMY® Nominated jazz vocalist and member of The New School Jazz faculty.

Ken Cicerale is a hell of a saxophone player. He's a master of his instrument with a sound that's distinctly his own. Most important, he always plays from the heart. --  Peter Keepnews, jazz journalist and New York Times editor.

Plays OK; useless around the house.  -- Mrs. Ken Cicerale